Note: You must be running the 2.1 OS prior to loading any samples.

There is an issue on previous OS versions which can cause the Prophet X to lock up and requires the hard drive be replaced.
Click the link below to download the 2.1 OS update from Sequential.

Moog One Sample

I'm working on some Moog One samples. For now I have one to share:
"Deckard" with loads into User8\Piano\88.Deckard.

There is a program .syx file which contains 1 program with both A and B layers.

Obviously the Moog One is not a CS-80, but isn't the Bladerunner style patch obligatory? This patch is a nice example of combining the two Moog Filters: Ladder and SVF. Also, the samples are truly stereo, using slightly different versions of the same patch hard panned left and right.


Working on Moog One Samples. Here is a taste. The linked .zip file contains 1 instrument and 1 preset (A and B layers).

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