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Note: You must be running at least 2.1 OS prior to loading any samples.


Moog One Samples and Presets

Samples of the Beast…. and Presets.

The Moog One the first polyphonic synthesizer produced by Moog in more than three decades, A superbly handcrafted instrument made at the Moog factory in Asheville, North Carolina, the Moog One is a programmable, tri-timbral analog synth — for us, the tai-timbral aspect is a dream. 

Nearly all of the sampled instruments we created with the Moog One for the Prophet X are stereo instruments — slightly different versions of the same synth sound hard panned left and right. This gives the samples a unique stereo flavor that is perfect for the Prophet X's stereo filters.

Over 18 GB of Samples

  • 188 Sample Instruments
  • 200 Presets (Both A and B layers of preset numbers 1 through 100)
  • 28 Stacks and Splits (Presets 101 though 128)
  • Preset files for all iterations of User Preset Bank + User Sample Bank Combinations. Want to move your samples to User Sample Bank 2 and have the Presets in User Preset Bank 3? Not a problem. That preset bank file is already prepared and ready for you to load.

*** Special thanks to Lady Gaia's PXToolkit — an indispensable utility that made making these samples possible.

*** Special thanks to "ComposerJK" on the Sequential forum for creating a command line utility for redirecting banks of presets.

Free Sample Pack Preview

Click below to download a free preview pack of the Moog One Samples and Presets.

This download contains 10 Sample Instruments (which load into User Sample Bank 11) and 6 presets (A&B layers of presets 1, 2 and 3 which load into User Preset Bank 2).


* Please see below for instructions on downloading the Moog One Samples and Presets Pack.

Download the Presets List

Click Below to Download the List of Presets (PDF format). This may be helpful for those who wish to load only a few samples onto their machine at a time and determining which presets use which samples.

*** When given the option, Download the PDF instead of opening with Google Docs.


Once you complete your payment, you will see the PayPal confirmation page similar to below. On the bottom of that page you will see a button labeled "Return to Merchant". Clicking this button will take you to the download page for the Sample and Presets Pack.

After Clicking the "Return to Merchant" button, you will be directed to the download page below. 

To download the .zip file, click either the "Download" button or the download icon in the upper right corner of the screen (both are circled in the screen-shot below).

You can disregard the "Whoops! The was a problem with the preview". This just means that Google Drive doesn't know how to show you a preview of this ZIP file. That is to be expected.

Keep in mind the file size if large. The Samples, Presets and Installation instructions are all included in one .zip file. For some users with slower connections, downloading can take over an hour.

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