Note: You must be running at least 2.1 OS prior to loading any samples.


Samples and Presets


183 Instruments from the Deckard's Dream. Resampled for cleaner, better sounding samples.

File Size: about 17.63 GB (compressed)

Download the full Replicants Sample Pack [17.63 GB] or if you're having trouble with the single, large download file, email us and we will set you up with smaller files for download.

Replicants' Presets

256 Presets (A and B Layers of one bank).
This presets file contains every possible combination of User Preset Banks and Sample Banks — there are 32 possible combinations. And the naming convention makes it easy to select the right SysEx file to send to your Prophet X. So for example, if you want to have the samples in User Sample Bank 8, and your presets in User Preset Bank 1, you would use the file named "Replicants-User1-Sample8.syx".

*** Special thanks to "ComposerJK" on the Sequential forum for creating a command line utility for redirecting banks of presets.
File Size: 1.413 MB

Luigi's Samples

Luigi ("laurentluigi" on the Sequential forum) provided a lot of samples that he created using the 8dio utility.

  • Wavetable
  • Wavetable II
  • Wavetable II
  • Wavetable IV
  • Wavetable V
  • Wavetable XL
  • Textures
  • Textures II
  • WaveForms I
  • WaveForms II
  • WaveForms III
  • WaveForms IV
  • SoundLabs I
  • SoundLabs II

Originally, these were all created to go into Instrument Slot #2 on the PX. I used Lady Gaia's PX-Renumber utility to sequentially number these for instrument slots 2 through 15 so that they can all be loaded together.
These files are all zipped together into one download for convenience. When you click the button to the right, you'll download a file named "Luigis_Samples". Unzip that, and you'll have the 14 files listed above that you can load into your PX.
File Size: 2 GB (compressed)

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