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OB-6 Samples and Wavetables for the Waldorf Quantum

I created some samples of the Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 for the Waldorf Quantum — 50 multisamples and 50 single samples.  Then I did another 50 samples, and used Serum to create wavetables from them.

The idea was to create something new and different — familiar Oberheim goodness synthesized in new ways with the Quantum:  Granular, multi-samples, and wavetables.

As things often happen, that project never came to fruition.

I do, however, still have the samples and wavetables, and would like to offer them here — free to download for Quantum users. They are in .wav format, so they are free to use.

*** I expressly retain my copyright interest in these samples. Any license granted by providing these samples here is limited to personal use and musical propductions. Any attempt to sell the samples as or as part of a sample or wavetable collection or product is strictly prohibited.

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