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The Deckard's Dream is an modern interpretation of the iconic Yamaha CS-80 — a beloved poly synth from the late 70s used by the likes of Vangelis, Genesis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Ultravox, Toto, and many others. The Replicants Sample and Preset Pack is the result of sampling this instrument.

More saws and squares you ask? Nope. I sampled this synth treating it much more like a traditional instrument. Instead of sampling waveforms, I've sampled entire instrument presets (in this case, 183 of them) in order to capture the true magic of this synth — the interaction between the oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs and modulation. 

Then I took those sounds and created Prophet X presets using the Deckard's Dream samples as building blocks. Adding the modulation capabilities and filters of the Prophet X to the Deckard's Dream samples produces (in my opinion) some deep and lush results.

Each multi-sampled instrument contains multiple velocity layers and or round-robins.

The total size of the sample pack is now about 18GB. 

256 custom presets (a full bank of both A and B Layers) are also available to download.

*** Special thanks to Lady Gaia's PXToolkit — an indispensable utility that made making these samples possible.

*** Special thanks to "ComposerJK" on the Sequential forum for creating a command line utility for redirecting banks of presets.

Download the full Replicants Sample Pack [17.63 GB] or if you're having trouble with the single, large download file, email us and we will set you up with smaller files for download.

This presets file contains every possible combination of User Preset Banks and Sample Banks — there are 32 possible combinations. And the naming convention makes it easy to select the right SysEx file to send to your Prophet X. So for example, if you want to have the samples in User Sample Bank 8, and your presets in User Preset Bank 1, you would use the file named "Replicants-User1-Sample8.syx".

Download the Presets List

Click Below to Download the List of Presets (PDF format). This may be helpful for those who wish to load only a few samples onto their machine at a time and determining which presets use which samples.

*** Many thanks to @composerjk on the Sequential forum for his command line wizardry and general generosity with his time.

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